MTN Zambia has launched a new smart feature phone powered by KaIOS software, a web-based mobile operating system, that holds all the sought-after services at a price of just K275.

Speaking during the official rollout of MTN’s ‘Ka Toffee’ in Lusaka, Tuesday, MTN Zambia acting chief marketing officer Seun Soladoye said the handset’s arrival on the local market will ensure more ICT consumers can now access the latest technology and widest range of innovative services at an affordable cost.

“MTN has come with a new smart feature phone called the ‘Ka Tofee.’ What is special about the Ka Toffee? K275 is nearly half of what you will pay for a smart phone on the market! Added to it, the ‘Ka Toffee’ is specially designed with a special fitting system called the KaIOS operating system. This system enables you to be able to run on a small device called a ‘Ka Toffee’ as if you are using the big smart phone device that you pay thousands of kwacha for; it comes preloaded with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube,” Soladoye told stakeholders at Taj Pamodzi Hotel.

“It’s affordable; it’s very small in size; it’s easy to use. The battery life is excellent! You don’t have to charge it every day; if you charge it once, it will last longer than a normal smart phone. So, that is what we’ve brought for you.”

He added that the affordable pricing would enhance digital financial inclusion and get more consumers accessing various services.

“All these Apps that are included, you don’t have to pay for it because it comes with it preloaded. We hope it is a new day in the history of handsets in Zambia; it will be available to everybody, to people that will not pay thousands of kwacha for handsets. With that, we are going to enable digital inclusion, and in a new digital world, everybody will be able to participate,” said Soladoye.

The new ‘Ka Toffee’, the first-of-its-kind in Zambia, will provide consumers with an easy and convenient way to enjoy smart phone features and access popular social media platforms, including the globally-renowned Google ‘talk-back’ assistant application.