A Zambian, Mwila Bwanga, has pleaded guilty to stealing from a kiosk at Old Trafford, home of the Manchester United Football Club.

According to a UK Sun story headlined SCUM UNITED, Mwila was in the company of six of his fellow employees.

Below is the story as reported by The Sun UK:

Manchester United kiosk workers caught stuffing cash down their trousers after serving fans

SEVEN Manchester United kiosk workers have been caught stuffing money down their trousers while at an Old Trafford burger stand.

The group now faces jail after cameras caught them taking hundreds of pounds from the till while it was down.

The court heard Fliavio Andrade was the leader of the scam and took a cut of the takings.

Prosecutor Heather Alsop told the court team leader Fliavio Andrade was at the centre of the scam, saying: “There is evidence the defendants took money from the till and put it down their trousers as well as inside blue gloves meant for hygiene.

“The money was passed around and shared out.”

All seven were convicted of theft by employee, Manchester Evening News reported.

The Manchester Magistrates Court heard that Andrade had been taking a cut of the money, with bosses noticing that the tills were repeatedly down.

A peephole camera had been installed in the EK03 kiosk, with a full stock check revealing more than £380 was missing from the tills.

Hundreds of pounds worth of food and drink were also found to be missing after Old Trafford hosted a rugby league clash between Warrington Wolves and Wigan Warriors on October 8 last year.