THE Law Association of Zambia has applied to join proceedings in which five former Post Newspaper Limited employees and the Zambia Revenue Authority are seeking to liquidate the company.

LAZ president Linda Kasonde stated in an affidavit in support of summons for an order for joinder of a party to the proceedings, that the matter had generated significant media attention and interest in the the general public.

Kasonde indicated that following a meeting that was convened on February 20, it was resolved that the case be investigated in the interest of justice.

She said the association was aware of the preliminary issue raised by the respondents  touching on the independence and objectivity of judge Sunday Nkonde which may affect the proper administration of justice.

Kasonde submitted that LAZ was a major stakeholder in administration of justice and that it had sufficient interest in the substance, hearing and determining of the matter.

She stated further that if LAZ was joined to the proceedings, the court would be greatly assisted through the associations’ submissions adding that the petitioners and  respondents would not be prejudiced in any way but that justice would be achieved.

“I seek the indulgence of this honorable court to grant this application to enable the Law Association of Zambia to join these proceedings as Amicus Curiae.

Last year, five former Post Newspaper limited employees Roy Haabalu, Abel Mboozi, Mwendalubi Mweene, Bonaventure Bwalya and Andrew Chiwenda, sued the company and sought that it should be placed under liquidation in order for them to recover what it was owing them in unpaid benefits.