A correctional officer has told the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court that the items he found in car belonging to UPND cadres are not offensive weapons.

In this case Remmy Mukoba and three others are facing two charges of being in possession of offensive weapons.

It is alleged that the accused persons had in their car one plastic bottle of glycerine, two plastic bottles of potassium permanganette, one bow and three arrows outside the Lusaka Central Prison where they had parked.

But a correctional officer, Matongo Mwendabai, who was manning the main camp gate of the prison admitted in cross examination led by defense lawyer Gilbert Phiri yesterday that the items were not offensive weapons.

Mwendabai said it was not unlawful to own a bow and arrow.

Initially, Mwendabai told the court that the items were offensive but failed to explain his claim saying he was not a chemist.

When probed further, Mwendabai also admitted that the accused’ vehicle had a broken rear window at the scene despite not stating so in his examination in chief.

Phiri also wondered why some of the items he mentioned such as a plastic container with very little petrol content, three sacks and three rows of khaki paper were not on the charge sheet but Mwendabai told magistrate Sylvia Munyinya that the other materials were equally relevant to the case.

Mwendabai also said it was not an offense to hoot near a prison or to park around that area.

He however claimed that the behaviour of the accused made him suspicious as they attempted to flee the scene after he challenged them.

Trail continues.