A Safari company is demanding USD734,434 from the state over the cancellation of a hunting concession agreement it was granted by the Zambia Wildlife Authority.

In a statement of claim filed in the Lusaka High Court, Maningi Safaris Limited is also demanding for costs for the cancellation of the tender.

The company, which cited the Attorney General as the defendant, stated that ZAWA had committed to compensate for all the losses occasioned but that nothing had been paid to date despite submitting computed losses which were not denied.

Maningi Safaris was awarded a Safari hunting concession for 15 in West Zambezi upper hunting block by ZAWA which is now operating under the name of Department of National Parks and Wildlife on November 26, 2002.

The agreement was signed between the parties on February 17, 2003.
But in July 2008, ZAWA cancelled the hunting concession on account of conservation efforts by African Parks in Liuwa National Parks.