There was laughter in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court when a prophet claimed he had raised six people from the dead.

In this case, 36-year-old Angel Sakala is accused of obtaining over K10,000 by false pretences from Beatrice Kasonde on pretext that he would raise her husband Kennedy Malawo from the dead when in fact not.

Opening his defense yesterday, Sakala said had Kasonde been patient, he would have managed to raise her husband because he never failed.

He said he got Kasonde’s ATM card because she insisted that he needed it even though his services were free of charge.

Sakala testified that after Kasonde asked him to retrieve her husband from where he was, he saw a vision of a person who was said to be dead but was actually alive.

He told the court that it was at that point that Kasonde promised to give him everything he needed to aide his supernatural powers.

Sakala said he was ambushed by the anti robbery squad in front of his congregants on the day he was arrested.

In cross examination, Sakala claimed he could not perform the ritual to bring Malawo back to life because his family was against it.

“I already told you that I have brought six people back to life before. So if his family wasn’t against it, I would have managed with this one also,” said a straight faced Sakala.

He said at one point, Kasongo booked a car for them to go to Ndola where he had seen Malawo in a vision.

Cross examination continues on October 10.

Sakala is still remanded as he has failed to meet bail conditions.