A 31-year-old housewife of Shibuyunji district appeared in the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court for murdering her husband’s lover.

Peggy Naimanga is alleged to have stabbed 23-year-old Jane Simbeye after she found her having sexual intercourse with her husband George Mvula in a grass thatched kitchen at his sisters place.

When the case came up, Lusaka principal resident magistrate Kenneth Mulife explained the charge of murder to the accused person who said she understood the charge.

The court told Namainga to continue appearing in the Magistrates’ Court as scheduled until a certificate of committal is received to refer the case to the High Court.

Allegations are that on September 3, 2017, Naimanga stabbed her rival at Simbeye’s sister’s place which was about 200 metres from their home in Chitanga Fishing Camp.

According to facts before court, her husband had been gone for too long which prompted her to start searching for him around the camp.

The accused found the two at 01:00 hours after which a fight ensued between Namainga and Jane.

The deceased was stabbed on the left side of the chest with a knife and was found lying in a pool of blood.

The matter comes up on October 9 for mention.