A Lusaka woman has sued Medi Care International Limited, which trades as Fairview Hospital, for negligence in the High Court over the death of her niece during a caesarian section.

Tapiwa Gondwe who sued as the administrator of Masozi Gondwe Kakuwa’s estate, is did demanding K1,650,000.00 for loss of expectation of life.

Gondwe is also demanding K1,200,000.00 for loss of future earnings ability as the late was an employ at Barclays Bank Zambia.

According to a statement of claim, Masozi, who drove herself to the hospital, was made to stay for two days in labour after which the hospital authority decided to take her for c-section on or about April 1, 2017.

Gondwe stated that her niece never woke up from surgery but her baby is fine.

She availed that Masozi never complained of anything except labour pains.

The plaintiff further claimed the hospital failed to exercise reasonable skill and care on Masozi when it was obliged to do so.

She claimed Fairview Hospital breached the duty of care which resulted in the death of her niece.

Gondwe stated that the family was only informed of the death six hours after it occurred but Barclays Bank was told immediately.

She stated that the family was shocked to find an Ideal Funeral Hearse parked at the hospital without their knowledge.

“The postmortem report established that death was wholly caused by the hospital’s lack of proper care, attention or dereliction of duty and non fulfillment of duty,” read the statement of claim.

She stated that the hospital failed to take all reasonable steps to secure the life of her niece in the theatre.

Gondwe availed that Masozi had a good job with Barclays Bank and was survived by a 3-year-old daughter, the newborn and her mother.

She is also demanding K1,350,000.00 being damages for hardships, mental stress and anguish to the family as well as K1,595,000.