An author has sued Bharti Airtel Development Forum Limited in the Lusaka High Court for infringing his copyrights by using his lyrics in a song without authority.

In a statement of claim filed on December 20, Austern Mwiinga, the author, and Morgan Phiri jointly sued Airtel claiming damages for infringement of copyright.

“The Defendant has infringed the Plaintiff’s copyright by making an adaptation of the Plaintiff’s song under the title ‘Kabulongalonga’ by authorizing and causing the usage of the song on the Airtel ‘Hello Tunes’ service on its network to the public and charging the public for usage of the song as Hello Tune,” read the claim.

“The Defendant committed the aforesaid acts of infringements in flagrant disregard of the Plaintiffs copyright and benefit to which has accrued to the Defendant by reason of such infringement which has deprived the plaintiffs of any or all substantial benefit in their copyright work.”

The Plaintiffs are therefore seeking an order for payment of all sums found to be due to the Plaintiffs upon the taking of such account with interest, other relief the court might deem fit and costs.