A cyber security technician from ZICTA has testified that pornographic material was also found on the victim’s phone in a case where a 32-year-old man of Ndola’s Lubuto West is accused of duping women into sending nude videos of themselves.

In this matter, Kafula Mwamba is charged with one count of prohibition of pornography and had pleaded not guilty.

Particulars of the offence allege that Mwamba on unknown dates but between August 1 and September 4, 2018, had in his possession, a Techno phone and SIM card no 097532639, which contained pornographic materials.

Allegations are that Mwamba duped both men and women into sending their nude videos to him on the pretext that he would link them to a Mr Smith on social media who would pay them money.

In the last session, Chita Chibesakunda, a 29-year-old cyber security technician from ZICTA, had narrated before Lusaka Magistrate Felix Kaoma that in October, last year, he received a request to extract data from two mobile phones, a Techno and Samsung.

The witness told the Court that after carrying out a forensic analysis on both devices, he found a WhatsApp conversation and pornographic images.

Chibesakunda said he created a detailed report containing his findings from the devices, put them on a DVD and gave to the investigating officers.

“The DVD contains the extraction report as collected from a Techno phone and SIM card belonging to the suspect, Mwamba, and a Samsung phone belonging to the victim,” he testified.

And when the matter came up, Wednesday, for cross-examination, Chibesakunda reiterated that police officers gave him two phones which belonged to the accused and the victim.

He added that from the data extract, he found pornographic material on both phones.

The witness denied possibilities of the accused’s phone being tampered with as the information extracted was the exact information on the two phones.

Chibesakunda admitted that even though the request letter asked for voice recording as well as to determine whether or not the accused was the one managing the Facebook sites, his findings did not include that information.

And after the witness concluded with his testimony, the State could not call its next witness as he was unwell.

“The next witness is not too well today. He sent me a message that he is going to the hospital. As such, we seek for an adjournment,” the State informed the Court.

The matter comes up on August 12, this year, for continued trial.