A 27 year-old Ndola man has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for causing the death of a resident whom he robbed a K20.

This is a case where Boston Mbewe of Kaloko Township in Ndola was charged with Manslaughter after he caused the death of Richard Lukama Lundungu 43.

It was alleged that Mbewe in November last year while in the presence of others unknown did cause the death of Lundungu after he attacked him with others unknown and hit him with an Iron bar and took a K20.

The matter came up before Ndola High Court Judge Kelvin Limbani.

Justice Limbani described the killing of Lundungu as a sad act as it was over a K20.

During Mitigation through his legal aid counsel, Mbewe pleaded for leniency, saying he was a first offender.

But, Justice Limbani said he had taken consideration of the mitigation and also that he was a first offender who had readily admitted the charge.

“The facts make sad reading as, you in the company of friends attacked the 43 year old deceased who was walking probably to his home. You hit him with among others an iron bar leading to his death and it shows that you stole a K20 apart from prematurely terminating his life. The deceased died of head injuries due to a fracture . Your actions have not only caused fear in the residents of New Twapia but the country as a whole as you killed an innocent man for a K20,” he said.

Justice Limbani said that life was precious, irreplaceable and should always be protected, stating that the act by Mbewe deserved stiffer punishment.

Justice Limbani then sentenced Mbewe to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour.