My humble president must be reminded that the absence of social justice is enough chaos in any society. Today, there’s chaos at CBU as the poor people’s children were arrested for begging for student loans. There’s chaos in our treasury every time you decide to travel from one airport to another with a gang of well dressed horribles.

There’s chaos in the civil service every time their pay is delayed. There’s chaos in our hospitals due to lack of drugs and relevant machinery. There’s chaos in the awarding of major contracts in the construction sector. There’s chaos in Serenje where people are being displaced everyday. My humble president there’s chaos everywhere.
Mr. President please leave the judiciary alone. Just as a reminder my humble great leader, before your name even appeared on our black and white TV sets, there was a man who decorated himself as the Political Engineer and master dribbler. He dressed better, his suits were finer than the lillies of the valley. He spoke fluently like his tongue was drowning in some gearbox oil.

His voice was more flirty like the trumpet of David. He didn’t just declare a national day of prayers, he declared our country A CHRISTIAN NATION. When he prayed he moved our hearts. He didn’t just give loans to the marketers he gave them council houses but the moment he wanted to wrestle with the constitution he lost terribly. My humble great leader i advise that you just enjoy your time and serve the people.

There’s clearly no reason or justification for those attacks from the distinguished humble great leader of the nation. Why should our president climb on the hills of our public media spit threats on judges today? Is it a sign of his losing control of those he held captive? Or has the president seen the possible outcome from our constitution court?

Please relax your Excellency don’t mess up completely.