Students of this institution should consider suing this university in both negligence and breach of contract.

It is an implied term of an educational contract that the college will employ teachers that are academically and professionally qualified. If a college fails to uphold its end of the bargain, it must held liable.

This institution is also potentially negligent and can be sued under the tort of negligence. It had a duty of care to the students to employ qualified teachers and ensure that its programs are registered with the regulatory bodies.

Zambian law mustn’t just develop in the areas of constitutional and political law. It must also develop in contract and tort. Private actors who take money from consumers and then go on to deprive consumers of their goods and services must be held accountable.

Where has Apex University been taking all the billions it has been raking in? How justifiable is it that it can’t employ full time professors?

Dr. Mulalajiti and his team have done their part as regulators, it is now up to the students to do theirs and sue this institution. If you build a university and charge the population fees, you had better live up to the contract. If you can’t uphold your end of the contract, then don’t build a university.