We would like to know the nature Edgar Lungu’s so-called private visit to Kenya which is so important that he can abandon the funeral of his own Minister Victoria Kalima whom government has even declared a period of national mourning.

We believe it’s being highly insensitive and culturally and morally disrespectful for Edgar Lungu to abandon a state funeral and opt to undertake a private visit to Kenya while the nation and the family of his late Minister and surbodinate Victoria Kalima, grieve the loss of this great woman who has departed. By virtue of his office, the President is the Chief mourner of the nation.

Surely what urgent business is in Kenya for Mr. Lungu to leave the country during this period of national mourning and anguish, which he could not postpone until the late Minister is interred and laid to rest?

We know Mr. Lungu has been missing his playboy trips and travelling allowances for sometime now, but surely he could have been more compassionate and hounarable that he only takes to the skies after burying his minister.

Lungu’s action is like a playful and unserious parent who abandons  home at a critical time for pleasure, leaving his house in turmoil. He is like the ancient Emperor Nero who danced the night away while Rome burnt.

If this is the way Mr. Lungu treats those he worked and closely associated with, what more the majority of Zambians who are not personally known to him?

We all know Lungu has persistently admitted he has no vision and we know too he is in office illegally, but that can’t still prevent him from showing leadership at such a sorrowful time as this when the nation grieves the departure of a gallant leader.

Whether we like it or not, Edgar Lungu is a public figure using state resources and we hope such so-called private trips to Kenya again don’t end up into another corruption scandal like we saw with the Swaziland trip.