Fellow Lusaka Residents, Countrymen and Women….

First and foremost, great thanks to everyone who decided to vote for me and my PAC team. I’m less than 32 days in this arena today, the political party l stand on is less than 2 and half years in existence, your decision to vote for us is very energizing and gives hope. Zambia is ready for new types of politics (Issue based and aimed for better service delivery).

I am very energized by Lusaka residents and voters for having faith and giving us (3) third position from the main two political parties UPND and PF.

As an individual, l am only one month old in active politics, the journey has just began. The past 30 days made me realize that l have a lot to learn, pay attention to and consider in this very big web of tactics, calculations and mind games.

I shall openly learn from those that have mastered this game, from both the PF and UPND, from all other existing political parties, more especially from the voters.

To elder brother, Miles B. Sampa, Congratulations!. When it’s your time, nothing can change that. Not even those who hate you. God gives and he’s given it to you. Use the best of this opportunity to build a healthy and habitable capital city. Your destiny is always inevitable. I’m happy for you because we can’t all win, there can only be one Lusaka City Mayor, and it’s you my elder brother. Stay focused and work for us all.

To my sister Saboi and brother Kangwa, Zambia needs us all. It’s time to soldier on. Rev. A. Banda, Bwalya Nonde and all the mayoral candidates, it’s time to hit the ground. Let’s us not forget to support Miles Sampa in building the Lusaka we so much desire

Citizens and everyone desiring, longing and deciding to join our political party, please come to our People’s Alliance for Change (PAC) Secretariat in Nyumba Yanga off Godfrey Chitalu Rd.

Thank you #TeamTiikosesa

God bless you all.
Mukubesa Mundia