EDEN University has partnered with WSG University of Poland to introduce a cultural exchange programme for its learners.

Polish High Commissioner to Zambia Dr Maryla Wisniewski who graced the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities in Lusaka, Monday, said the partnership was timely as it would build the human resource capacity for both countries.

And WSG University Director of International Affairs Dr Marek Bougusz said he would ensure that the exchange programme was rolled out immediately.

“We are extremely delighted to join hands with this great university of now international repute and I and my team can no longer wait to see that this programme between the two universities is rolled out immediately,” said Dr Bougusz.

Meanwhile, Eden University chief executive officer Kelvin Kaunda said he was optimistic that this programme would stand the test of time.

“We are a serious education institution, and where we see a yawning gap, we move in quickly. To that effect, we have seen that our hospitality industry leaves much to be desired. And given your expertise in this field, we want to take advantage and train our students who will be able to do things as they should be,” said Kaunda.