Mike Mulongoti says it is either police have not been sufficiently trained on crowd control measures or they are expressing their frustration with work.

And police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says police will deploy more officers to man the CAF U-20 final on Sunday.

Commenting on the firing of a tear gas canisters during the Zambia-South Africa U20 game yesterday, Mulongoti, who is People’s Party leader said he was also affected by the tear gas.

“Any policeman with common sense can’t just use teargas on such a huge crowd, all of us who were watching the game in the stadium were affected. There are always other options in such situations,” said Mulongoti.

“It’s not that our police cannot strengthen their capacity, they can do it, maybe there is inadequate manpower, inadequate equipment or frustration at personal levels.”

He appealed to the police command to tell the people of Zambia if they had failed to manage crowds and further stressed the need for Parliament to give suggestions on how such situations could be controlled.

And Katongo, in a statement today, announced that police would increase the number of officers at the stadium.

“Following the football Match that will take place at Heroes Stadium on Sunday, 12th March, 2017, we would like to inform members of the public that at no point will the gates be opened to those who will not have tickets. We therefore advise all members of the public who would not have tickets to stay away from the stadium and watch the Football match on Television,” Katongo stated.

“As Zambia Police, we will increase manpower at the venue to police the event and we will not allow any person without a ticket to loiter anywhere near the stadium. It is not by design to be confrontational with anyone. Officers have been advised to screen all those that would have access to the stadium by way of checking for valid tickets. This will help to keep away unruly characters who would want to cause confusion.”

Katongo also stated that street vending at the stadium had been banned.

“Further, no street vending will be allowed around or near the stadium. Therefore, all those that had been vending outside the stadium should find a safe place where they will conduct their business away from the stadium. We appeal to members of the public to be disciplined in order to avoid a stampede and see to it that they observe law and order during this match,” stated Katongo.