Week six of Midlands Basketball league games yesterday recorded very sweaty and hard-fought victories as teams showcased their best of abilities and those with longer-lasting endurance saw light at the end of the day and picked maximum points.

Matero Magic beat Green Buffaloes 75-72, a result that should have gone in Buffaloes favour based on the display their fans called impeccable. Monga Chipili dominated the paint and with the help of the most senior player David who was celebrating his unrevealed birthday. The senior hit effortless three pointers to catch up with Buffaloes. Chipili managed more three pointers, brought the scoreline to a close and the army side ran low on ammunition and were gunned down.

Fans favourites Unza Pacers struggled to level up baskets with an overzealous Lusaka city council side, Looters, and lost 67-60. Looters coach Kenny Nkandu expressed happiness over the win and hoped the spirit would be maintained. “My boys have recorded three wins in a row. It is quite a young side that is spirited and tactical. I now have a task of ensuring the wins keep getting recorded by keeping my boys motivated at all times. Their discipline on the court is also worth noticing and I believe it contributes to their good performances,” Nkandu said.

Over-wramping referee Trustone Botha said competition was getting tougher every week and smaller teams were no longer underdogs. “Officiating competitive games is more enjoyable than predictable ones. No club in the super league is an underdog and the heat is undeniable. All games are played with zero knowledge of who will win and the competitiveness of them helps us improve our umpiring. If the level of competition is maintained or improved, the league will attract more international players and consequently attract sponsors,” Botha explained.

Looters has stayed on top of the table while Magic and Hawks keep dusting each other’s seat for the second position.