Zambia national team physical trainer Chintu Kampamba has noted that the current national team squad is more tactical than the one he featured for.

The former national team defender said the Wednesday qualifier clash against Guinea Bissau was evidence his statement was true adding that the boys had clever ways of creating scoring chances that kept the Bissau defence panting.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Kampamba explained why he believed the current squad was more tactical.

“This is definitely not the way we used to play when I was part of the squad. The boys were all kinds of clever and tactical when creating scoring chances. Sven mentioned in the early days of taking up the coaching duties that he was going to work on their mind and help them be more tactical. This is something we lacked during my time. It showed in the game against Guinea Bissau and it was beautiful to watch. Anyone who played with me in the national team is bound to be envious of how the current squad is playing tactically,” Kampamba said.

Kampamba who was a member of the national team between 1999 and 2012 and is currently Kabwe Warriors’ team player manager also noted that Zambia could have scored more goals against Bissau based on the chances created.

“We had a lot of chances but we simply could not score more goals. This is one thing we should look at among other things during training before the return match on Sunday. How did we create a lot of chances but ended up with only two goals?” wondered Kampamba.