Zambian boxers held the national flag high at the non-title International Boxing tournament on Saturday evening after recording three technical knockouts and unanimous decisions against their foreign counterparts.

Catherine Phiri, Lorita Muzeya and Alfred Muwowo were the highlights of the evening as the three gave their boxing stable, Oriental Quarries Boxing Promotions (OQBP) and other sponsors value for their money.

While the biggest fight of the evening was between Catherine Phiri and South Africa’s Asandiawa Nxokwana, 23, Lorita Muzeya stole the spotlight as she handed a technical knockout to Emeley Kubwalo of Zimbabwe after a minute, 30 seconds into the second round of their super welterweight bout. Emeley was seemingly tough but only in appearance as she could not handle the intensity of Zambia pugilist.

Alfred ‘Ibrahim’ Muwowo wowed the audience with his enterprising jabs and uppercuts in the Flyweight category that took out his Tanzanian rival through a technical knockout after 2 minutes, 23 seconds of the third round.

The most anticipated fight was a Super Bantam bout between Phiri and Nxokwana that did not last neither as the Xhosa warrior succumbed to a successive combination of hooks and jabs in the second round after a thrilling 2 minutes, 31 seconds.

Nxokwana blamed it all on a shoulder injury that she sustained.

“My shoulder and part of my ribs were hurting too much to continue. I planned to go all the way and win the bout but what has happened has happened and cannot be changed,” said Nxokwana.

Meanwhile, Phiri said Nxokwana was still a very good boxer whose height favoured her.

“I was prepared for all the rounds but unfortunately she could not challenge the technical knockout. I’m glad I have won in a very short time as this fight was a test to my rematch against Kenya’s Fatuma Zarika,” said Phiri.

In other results, Lusaka based Lemmy Simbeye defeated Bazla Ngosa who hails from the Copperbelt Province, while Philemon Hara punished fans’ favourite Pethias Chisenga through a unanimous point decision.

A less convincing win for David Mwale against Zimbabwe’s Wiseman Chuma attracted little applause from the audience as viewers judgement went Chuma’s way.