Midlands Baskteball Association (MBA) president Maziko Phiri has applauded Ephraim Nyiwangu of Green Buffaloes B team for a first round record of 20 points as his lowest scoring rate in the midlands B league.

Nyiwangu 22, is a shooting guard who begun his basketball journey in the Youth Basketball League (YBL) and has since escalated to the B league after only a season of youth basketball.

In an interview with Goal Diggers! Phiri acknowledged potential that the youngster possessed and stressed the need to nurture him into a professional basketball player.

“He is one of a kind and his game statistics are great. Imagine dropping 20 points on your bad day? And he does not only score but has a great passing rate that gives him a lead in assists too. There are more than eight B teams and he is floating above every player. Now keep in mind that some senior national team regulars also play in the B league,” exclaimed Phiri.

And Nyiwangu said that he intended to keep the record soaring by training even harder.

“The struggle is real in Basketball because it is not well-paying. My passion and hard work keep me going because I’m very competitive. The game teaches me personal discipline too. I always want to win and help with individual effort whenever I can. We always play as a team and like that, we have stayed on top of the table,” he said.

Buffaloes B team is on top of the table with 31 points while Huskies are second with 28 points. Their total number of baskets made in the played games is above 1,000 and have not commenced the third round of the league. The young combatants have only lost one game since the start of the 2018 season and Nyiwangu hopes to keep it that way.

“We have come too far to let go of the top position on the table. We work hard and we have literally become the safety net each time the senior team falls. We will keep shooting and defending until we make and break our own record in the B league,” said Nyiwangu.