Green Buffaloes coach Biltone Musonda says although his team has a huge task to overturn the 4-1 loss to SFaxien, not all hope is lost as his side can still pull a surprise.

Musonda believes his side could have done better in Tunisia and not let the score line stretch to a humiliating three-goal gap, adding that the challenge that lied ahead in the return fixture had been made harder.

“We have a bigger and higher mountain to climb and we really should not have let the scoreline stretch that much especially that we equalised in the first half. We could have done better but I do not think we should be ruled out yet because anything can happen on the pitch and we can pull up a surprise,” he told Goal Diggers!

Asked if he felt that his side needed more investment in player scouting before the start of the Confederations Cup, Musonda’s response settled between yes and no.

“Of course a more firm boosting to the team would have been better but I also have great confidence in this squad. This is an army side that operates under commands and it is very strict on who joins the team at what time. The current squad should just outdo themselves because they have been chosen for this responsibility. To answer you in few words, I will say yes and no,” summed Musonda.

The combatants will get back to action in the return fixture as they will host CS SFaxien on 22 December and hopefully score three goals and not concede if they are to proceed to the next stage of the CAF Confederations Cup.