Oriental Quarries Boxing promotion manager Christopher Malunga says Chief Kanyesha of Luano, has given boxer Catherine Phiri 250 hectares of land because he believes that the former WBC bantamweight champion won the bout against Kenyan Fatuma Zarika on Saturday.

A jury’s unanimous verdict of 98-92, 99-91 and 97-93 in favour of Zarika declared Catherine a loser, but that decision has been challenged by fan from both Zambia and Kenyan with many believing that the Zambians was robbed in the judging process.

WBC has since instituted investigations into the allegations after the Zambian boxing promotion cited anomalies during the fight.

Malunga said Chief Kanysha decided to give Phiri the land and two cows because he also believes that she won the fight.

“Out of the performance of the boxer we have seen that a chief in Luano Valley, Chief Kanyesha of Luano Valley has given Catherine Phiri 250 hectares of land with two cows because he believes that Catherine won the match. 250 hectares with two cows, what does it show, it shows that the chief believes that the boxer won. He did that because he believes that Catherine won the match. But that’s not our stance because we are professionals. We are reviewing the entire proceeding and we will come up with a report very soon.”