Football administrator Damiano Mutale says the Andrew Kamanga-led Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) is the worst ever administration in the history of Zambian football.

Mutale said in an interview yesterday that Zambia has never experienced the administrational malpractices currently being displayed by the FAZ executive.

He was commenting on the lost computer server at Football House that has seen former FAZ finance manager David Tembo and purchasing officer Marylyn Mwansa arrested.

“This is the worst FAZ administration we have ever seen. We have never seen or heard things like a computer server from the accounts office getting lost. How can an accounts computer server go missing? Anyway, we shall leave it with the Police to do their job,” he said.

An accounts server at Football House went missing and was unreported until committee member Elijah Chileshe took a bold step to report the matter to the police.

Tembo and Mwansa were on Monday arrested in connection with the same case.

Mutale said such things should open the eyes of councilors as FAZ heads to the polls in March next year.

“We need to save our football administration from total collapse. I am sure councilors are seeing what is currently happening in our beloved game,” he said.

Mutale said it is disheartening to see football administration being mismanaged and that councilors will not watch the game being destroyed.

“It is the duty to the councilors to provide checks and balances. We shall not rest until the game is properly managed,” he said.