We have entered 2022 with a New Dawn!

Last week we began to reflect on the outcome of the 12 August 2021 elections, which we are calling the New Dawn. And we are happy with this outcome. In fact very happy indeed.

In our reflections last week, we asked this question: “For who is the New Dawn in the New Year?”

And borrowing from the words of President John F. Kennedy during his inauguration in 1961, we established that each one of us should “Ask not what the New Dawn should do for us but ask what we should do for the New Dawn”

The meaning of this is that every one of us should take up the responsibility of nurturing this new environment called the New Dawn.

Today we are continuing our reflections with the same line of thought.

However before we proceed with our reflections we wish to publish some feedback we received from some readers who were touched by last week’s reflections.


Good morning Sir,

I am not one who responds to articles I read, normally. However, this one has totally inspired me. We have an opportunity to turn this country around with everyone’s dedication and participation.

Allow me to add to your meaning of the New Dawn:
How about changing the slogan from “Bally will fix it” to “Let’s fix it with Bally”?

We will never achieve anything as a people by expecting economic miracles to happen without any input from each one of us as citizens. President John F Kennedy’s words sums it all up!

I hope the influential citizenry in our midst can help relay this very critical message of changing the mind-set of our people.

With these few words, allow me to commend you for writing this very informative article. Let’s hope we can all come to our senses and help put this great country together on the right path for the future of our children/grand-children.


This is the feedback that has set the tone for our reflections this week. Last week we established that we are the owners of the New Dawn. And in order for us to enjoy the fruits of the New Dawn, we have to work at it, and collectively for that matter.

This is the reason why Richard has said we should now change the CAMPAIGN SLOGAN: “Bally Will Fixed It”, to a WORKING MANTRA: “Let’s fix it with Bally”. The time for campaigns is over. It is now time to get to work, and to work together for that matter. There should be no spectators.

Last week we established that the New Dawn is not for the President alone; it is for all of us. It is not for the UPND Alliance alone; it is for all of us. It is not for the Ministers alone; it is for all of us. It is not for the Members of Parliament alone; it is for all of us. It is not for political leaders alone; it is for all of us. It is not for civic leaders alone; it is for all of us.

And what is the meaning of this New Dawn?

New Dawn means, but not limited to, the following:
– A new beginning;
– A fresh start;
– An important, promising turning point

Last week we made an observation that as we went to vote on 12 August 2021, we looked forward to an outcome that would give us a new beginning, a fresh start, a promising turning point.

The outcome we looked forward to is here with us. It is in our midst. It is therefore up to us to make responsible use of it.


There are, however, disturbing reports that there are some elements that have started to contaminate the New Dawn.

The reported violence in the Kabwata Constituency by-election is a source of worry. It is taking us back to the old ways. It is making us to take in and swallow what we vomited on 12 August 2021.

Our starting point should be to collectively condemn the electoral violence being perpetuated in Kabwata Constituency. It seems there are some people in our midst whose DNA is violence. Those people MUST be caged, regardless of who they are.

Electoral violence was one of the things that we said we should do away with completely. Let us all collectively take it upon ourselves to manage those who are trying to take us to the old ways of impunity against law and order, the old barbaric ways where political and electoral violence was a norm.

Political criminality and hooliganism should not have a place in the New Dawn.


Hello Mr Kabanda,

I read with a lot of interest what you wrote about the New Dawn Government in the New Year. You made very valid observations and suggestions, and this should serve as a template upon which we should help our country to emerge from the doldrums.

I would like to suggest that you publish an article on responsibilities of citizens in our country. We have a lot of people who do not contribute to the economy because they do not pay tax. They prefer to remain unemployed since they don’t see tax remittance as part of their responsibilities as citizens. If people were mandated to make tax contributions, they would find ways of raising money to meet this obligation.

Please help us explore this subject further.

Best wishes,

Evans has just underscored one of the emphases of last week: that we should promote a culture of responsible citizens. A culture of laziness has crept into our society. There are people who believe that things should be done for them. There are people who wait for things to be done for them. This is not good at all. These people are contaminating the New Dawn.

When I was growing up, there was one quotation from the Bible that our Parish Priest at Buchi Catholic Church, Rev. Fr. Jesus Joseph Vera, implanted in our minds. It was 2 Thessalonians 3:10. Then, I was 11, 12 and 13 years old.

Every Saturday morning, whenever we went for the Youth Mass, our response to the Sign of the Cross at the beginning of the Celebration of the Eucharist was not “AMEN”. Our response was: “WHOEVER DOES NOT WANT TO WORK SHOULD NOT EAT”, and then the Order of Mass continued.

This is the invitation that we are making to everyone in this New Dawn. “Let’s fix it with Bally” by cultivating in ourselves and in our society a spirit of hard work. We can borrow the idea of Fr. Joseph Vera and start using our WORKING MANTRA together with 2 Thessalonians 3:10.

It can be a form of greeting every day. When one of you says: “LET’S FIX IT WITH BALLY”, the response of the other one should be: “WHOEVER DOES NOT WANT TO WORK SHOULD NOT EAT”.

This now brings us to the dirt around us. The garbage. The litter all over. On the streets, in markets, bus stations and bus stops. Should we wait for Bally to fix it?

Some people are too lazy to throw garbage in designated places. Some people irresponsibly throw bottles on the street after imbibing the content. Some people believe that litter should be thrown just anywhere they feel like throwing. This is wrong. It should not be tolerated.

“Let’s Fix It With Bally: Whoever Does Not Want To Work Should Not Eat.”

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4 January 2022