The table is just an illusion. This means that there is not only one table but many that can be created by each individual. Everyone is able to make a table that suits them. In fact, you can have it tailored to suit your legacy. If every human being has different fingerprints, then definitely the way of life cannot be a one-size-fits-all type of arrangement. One thing is for sure: you may say that you had a successful retirement only when your offspring are able to have a table to dine at and not eat the crumbs that keep falling from others.

It is a shame if a legacy has no table for its offspring. The effects of not having a table or having one that is unstable are devastating. Actually, legacies without tables of their own are a burden to those who work hard to secure theirs. Just see how offspring from the legacies without tables would fight to migrate to those that have their own table. The truth of the matter is that the offspring of the crumb-eating legacies are at the mercy of the former. Even to the extent of being treated like second-class humans. Just check how difficult it can be to cross the border or be given a visa to travel. Even when all the papers are available, you may, to some extent, be treated like a criminal. Border controls are even more strict. There is even a tendency not to allow the movement into their countries, as they seem to feel that the resources are being depleted.

Note that the only time you are accorded a chance to be selfish without being judged is when choosing a partner or career. The reason being that, in both instances, the choice is purely based on your preferences and not what others are saying. Therefore, it is prudent that, as you navigate through your career, you make sure that your interests are met. Drive the forces to the targeted aim, which is to have your own table. The two aforementioned choices are the vehicles one can use to create the desired table. It is therefore important that, at the time these choices are being made, the type of table to be created be envisioned. At no point should one lose focus because the goal will not be achieved.

As a retiree, the question is, “Do you have your own table? Or are you eating the crumbs falling off other tables? Dear African child or parent, there is nothing strange about having a table of your own. You may need to change the form so that the goal is achieved. I mean, life is flexible, and so are ways to achieve one’s ambitions. We have seen so much poverty around us that it has become normal. Meanwhile, generational wealth is a strange set up, and we tend to frown at those that have it.

I am working towards establishing a table for my children (not an easy task, I must say, especially if you are starting from scratch). Having a table of their own helps them find themselves with ease. They need not look for plots or fight for university fees, and neither should they ever be participants in meal allowance riots. (Hurtful but true) We are almost at 60 years of independence. The narrative should change, and creating strong, stable tables is one of them.

Guess if the table has no sufficient funds, fights and disputes remain the status quo, while any purchase would be alarming. Meanwhile, those with tables will tend to accumulate achievements and never get to claim the unknown enemies that seem to be fighting crumb-eating legacies. It may seem as if the Olympic Awards are only for those with tables.

Be innovative; in fact, in the whole journey from the very first day of employment to retirement, look at how you can work out a plan to create a table. I mean, you do not want to wait until you are 55 to make the mistakes of a 35-year-old. Some of us went early and tested the waters. Believe me, a lump sum payment may just be an illusion of a heaven that can be attained way before 55 years of age. On the flip side, recovery from unsuccessful investments or lessons drawn from bad planning would just make you a giant by 55 or now 65.

Everyone was meant to die at some point. We are all but dust. However, the way we live on earth is surely determined by the table we eat at. Malnourished legacies will surely remain at the mercy of those who would have secured theirs.

The author is a retired officer of the Zambia Airforce and an Advocate. He can be reached via email: [email protected] or Whatsapp: +260 97 9165574