Every couple of months, we hear of Kaizer Zulu’s latest exploits. And every couple of months, we learn how the law will not catch up with him; except for the occasional “we are investigating the matter” that never yields results.

His boss, President Edgar Lungu, also turns a blind eye to Kaizer’s multitude of infractions. Surely, what special transgression is President Lungu waiting for before he can finally say “enough?” to the mighty Kaizer? Is Mr Kaizer running State House? I wonder, and I am sure many Zambians are wondering too.

In case President Lungu has forgotten about shameful events around Mr Kaizer; we, the Zambian people, still remember them all. We still remember that it was him who was NOT arrested in 2012, after he and Geoffrey Chumbwe were found with machetes in transit to Chongwe where a bitter rivalry between cadres left some lifeless and others injured.

We have not forgotten that Kaizar was fired by late Michael Sata over his conduct.

We cannot easily forget that the Anti Corruption Commission wrote to President Lungu, informing him that Mr Kaizer was being investigated for getting a $200,000 bribe from a Chinese company.

Although Mr Enock Kavindele Jr forgave and forgot about the Chrismar Hotel incident, we the Zambian people still recall that the President’s advisor pulled a fully loaded gun in public and went ahead to fire it several times at his fellow Zambian over a bar dispute.

Before the public could recover from the anguish of our President’s advisor, Mr Kaizer was at it again – roughing up a woman at a filling station for merely honking at him.

As though all that wasn’t enough, Mr Kaizar is now accused of assaulting an innocent policewoman who was trying to restrict him from an area he wasn’t supposed to be in during a football match. Just how special is Mr Kaizer?

There is no doubt that Mr Kaizar will yet again survive this one and many more transgressions to come. It seems Mr Kaizer is a law unto himself, even the president fears him. Otherwise, why would he keep such a wayward advisor close to him? And what does he advise the President anyway, if he can’t restrain himself from being such a public nuisance!

If any of us mere mortals had committed a tenth of the same sins as Mr Kaizer continues to do, we would be rotting in Chimbokaila, and the police would pat themselves on the back for a job well done. But we understand the pressure the police are operating under.

I can bet that while the Police Command is assuring us that they are investigating Mr Kaizer, the truth of the matter is that the assault victim is now being hounded around by her fellow officers while being coerced to withdraw the case. We will not be surprised to hear that the victim is being transferred to a rural police post as her punishment for standing up to the authority, retired in national interest or even arrested for giving “false information”.

Mr Kaizar’s behavior is both immoral and illegal. I am alive to the fact that in the current climate of violence, tribalism and lawlessness, illegality is the norm, but that does not mean we should lose our morality as well. Our President, who is always longing for an opportunity of being photographed in church, prostrating and humbling himself before God, shouldn’t shield immoral types like Mr Kaizer from the law. Doing so shows that the President is himself either afraid of his aide, or his aide has a very serious dossier on him. But what can one expect from a President who is eager to be loved for his feigned humbleness than good governance?

President Lungu must however realise that every time he extends an arm of lenience on Mr Kaizer, it is his executive ratings which bear the damage. One day Zambians will stand up to Mr Kaizer and his appointing authority; for now we are watching and counting.

An ancient Greek adage says: “those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad”.