This is my formal writing and the special opening of my every letter. (I do not write for beauty, but for memories). Mr. President Sir, needless to say however I take sole responsibility to state that you are our God given leader, a Shepard we hoped to ship the flock from and different with other shepherds. We have lived so long among savages and beyond law and become law to ourselves. We acknowledge that the whole course of human history bears witness to the reality of separation through death, but contrary to the willingly killing by any member of the society if no one is to take another person’s life and no one should take the law in their own hands. It is not the kind of death we expect as each one of us expects it one day. The death of any member of a community brings deep sense of sorrow, grief and loss, this could be either in the death of a young person whose promised achievements is never realized like the death of the fourth year UNZA student and the public prosecutor Nsama Nsama or in a death of a retired grey haired head as human life and living is a gift from and only God should take it.
Our loss as the nation is the second and third degree. It is also a common knowledge that the state is being deprived of a tax payer and a soldier in any human killings. Leaders should always integrate passion for human social justices.

Let us examine the historical development of these ongoing mob justices in our communities. Since independence the question of good governance and leadership has been a very sensitive issue in our communities and most community advocates are considered to be attackers on the ruling class.

From my childhood I learnt that, in any case that requires conclusion, it is wise to develop ability to gather adequate information surrounding the records. We must be quite clear that nothing was further in the minds of the million Zambian mourners that made them leave their homes and sleep in colds just to usher the UPND in power than the hope of bringing to book the killers of their beloved ones.

There is nothing more than heart breaking and peeling more tears and grievances than meeting a killer walking in a community two days of their arrest by police for a murder of your beloved one.

Often questions frequently overlap the answers; when did this killer come out of the police cell, how and where was the police officers and what are they doing about it? Without being interrogated, sentenced and serving their sentence, they are freely walking in the community, and when interrogated by the relatives of the murdered, the police officers come to teargas people in the name of protecting life. Which life, the killers’? We just cannot tell how heavy your heart can feel within yourself when the whole rot is happening in our family.

Truly, no community can celebrate the coming back of an unpunished deadly murderer and killer, as he/she might target, kill you and police takes no actions to punish the killer than the action of teargassing the community that asks for the justice of the law.As a commissioner for the Catholic Commission for Justices and Peace I am not scared to conclude that the delay in the bringing to book of the perpetrators of causers of our communities is the willingness of the people at the helm of power. Mr. President Sir, kindly help us gather our nerves.

This observation is significant. My whole being became as quiet as though I was at the entrance to the tomb. It is never possible to try to occupy our minds with encouraging subjects under these human miseries. Our President, my President, the people’s president Sir, my zeal for the counting survivors of these killings in Kalabo’s ngubulu village will consume me.

I just thought mercy and care in the hands of trusted and caring leaders. We all cannot rest to yearn for a merciful and caring government. Lies, half- truth and even silence undermines trust.

Happy, joyful laughter produces measurable changes in a person’s immune systems but these can’t be achieved with this visible mistreatment.

As we celebrated the one year of the UPND being in office, I closed my eyes trying to draw a pie chart of comprehensive concluded cases, still plushy I breathed. I am sorry but again my chart drew empty.

As I sit back in my sitting room to watch news and listen to stories of how kashokola residents burnt a suspected murderer whom they found on the street two days after he was handed over to the area police station, I close my.
Now I call upon all our citizens that if your experience is anything like mine, in times of political will to fight any human injustices, there is no time to start wishing for justices but it’s time to bring justices

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