ZAMBIA is in few days expected to co-host the Summit for Democracy and quite a number of lessons are expected to be learnt.

Since, the major discussions of the summit will focus on democracy, it is important to realize that not all spheres of democracy that the United States (US) has adopted would be suitable for most African countries due to a number of factors.

Acla Lacy, a political correspondent for the Intercept wrote that the Pennsylvania Senate race in 2019 saw some vicious partisan fighting between the Democrats and the Republicans.

Lacy said instead of engaging in rational debates on policy issues, many candidates of the two parties enga in personal attacks, pointing out fingers, pointing out flaws, dig out dirty and labeling each other,
He said the US media also fuelled to the fire of the farce of partisan fighting.

This made me realize that the clashes between political rivalries are a problem that required attention in both Western and developing countries.

According to the Gallup poll, the economy was the most issue of concern during the 2019 midterm elections followed by abortion rights, crime, gun policy, immigration, relations with Russia and climate change.

The Republicans represented by former US President Donald Trump were more concerned about the economy, immigration and crime.

John Zogby, a well-known pollster in the US believed that overall, American voters were depressed and dissatisfied with the direction of the country.

Cynthia Kaczynski, a professor at Northwestern University’s Kellog school of Management pointed out that America’s tearing problem was not only reflected in people trusting and associating only with their ^ own side’ seeing the other side as an ‘alternative’ with lower moral level and even an existential threat to them.

Scolars have argued that this kind of hatred was disturbing amid the chaos, tears and crises, the US gas little to do with the US and this is as was put on the official website for the Swiss Neue Zurchar Zeitung.

In lare October, the husband of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was allegedly attacked his home.

Violence became the order of the day and the survey by the University of California, Davis, one in one of adults believed political violence was “justified” at least in some cases, American political analyst Rick Klein was quoted as saying American politics were not only becoming polarised but increasingly radical.

Once upon a time, the Reason Magazine was quoted as saying; “The history of American politics tells us that parties and candidates will do anything to gain power.”

Continuing the trend of recent years, many candidates of the two parties 2022 year did not conduct rational debates on policy issues that voters care about. It fueled and added fuel to the farce of party struggle.
For example, in the election for a federal senatorial seat in the key “swing state” Pennsylvania, the health of the Democratic candidate became the focus of hype by the Republican Party and the conservative media, while the academic resume of the Republican candidate was closely watched by the Democratic Party and the liberal media. Bite and hold on.

Accra Lacey, a current affairs reporter for the American online magazine “Intercept”, wrote an article criticizing that the election in Pennsylvania has become so stupid and boring, revealing the essence of American politics-the election itself is not important, and the party camp is everything.

For another example, on the immigration issue where the two parties are incompatible, the two sides have completely “turned faces”. Since April 2022, Texas, Arizona, Florida and other Republican states have used buses or planes to transport tens of thousands of immigrants who entered the country illegally from the southern border of the United States to some cities and regions in the Northeast that are governed by Democrats. Attacking the Democrats for ignoring the “border immigration crisis.” The Democratic Party accused the Republican Party of maliciously hyping up the immigration issue to increase political leverage.

“USA Today” lamented that these candidates will only continue to quarrel, “If the situation does not change in any substantial way, then what is waiting for us will only be a deadlock in Congress and a more divided public.”
The Pan Africanists Christopher Lwaanga said the US electoral system might not work for foremost African countries.

Mr. Lwanga said there are various reasons why the US electoral system might not be feasible.
He said even as African countries learn from the US about democracy, there should do a thorough assessment of certain aspects of democracy before they decide to adopt it.

He said while the electoral system the US has worked for them, there’s high likely that it might not work in Africa.