Renowned PF cadre Munir Zulu’s is in a tiff with his ex-girlfriend Mirriam Nkhuwa and the brawl has resulted in a bitter exchange of words.

In this voice note, Mirriam who is also known as Mimi, tells Zulu to grow up and stop pretending to be rich because she used to keep him.

Mimi is heard telling Zulu to stop depending on women for his survival.

“What ten flats do you have Munir? Can’t you be shamed of yourself? You used to come and sleep on my bed, you didn’t even know who bought, you just came to sleep very comfortably,” Mimi said.

Get off your high horse boy and work. Abanobe abapanga impiya tabayumfwa. (Your friends who make real money don’t boast. They are very humble. You are just one very ungrateful person. Tawakatashepo umuntu (you will never appreciate anyone). Munir, I did a lot for you, ukukusambilisha nokubonfya roll-on. Ine nemwanakashi nalekusunga (I taught you how to use roll-on. I am woman, but I was keeping you.”

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Mimi said Zulu had become pompous after making money from politics.

“From December elo wantampile ukukwata utupiya Munir, waca wasamwa (since December when you started having money, you have become pompous and boastful… Now that you have made a little money you think you have made it in life. You left bitterness in my house and you deceived my daughter. You lied to my daughter and my daughter looked at you like a father figure. Kanshi mumutima wale plana ati first mpwishe ukulya ifya free nkaya (you planned to be with me so that after eating free food you can dump me and leave. You will never have peace,” said Mimi.

“And stop going around boasting… Uletendeka ba Kambwili? Leave ba Kambwili alone. You have your own issues to deal with.”

But Zulu fired back at her ex, saying he didn’t need to buy a bed when going to her house for a one-night stand.

I am not shocked with this behaviour. She is too malicious. She talks of me sleeping on her bed not knowing who bought her the bed. Honestly a bed? Are you telling me that when you are going for a one night stand you need to buy a bed? I am a youth, so how many beds will I buy? It’s not possible. She is just being malicious, but her history in Chingola where she comes from is bad,” charged Zulu.

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“She has been too malicious. But one thing I know for a fact, if you went to Northmead Police, I once reported that lady because she threatened to kill me. She met me when I was driving the same cars that I am driving today. She met me during campaigns, she met me with a house already. I bought my house in 2012 when I didn’t even know her. So at what point she used to keep me, and at what point I was a father figure to her daughter, I don’t know.”