Modelling is not high profile prostitution, says Miss Universe Zambia license holder Alice Rowlands Musukwa.

In an interview after the launch of the Miss Universe Zambia 2018 held at Al Capone in Lusaka, Sunday evening, Musukwa said models play a huge role in driving tourism traffic to the country.

“Modelling is not a form of high profile prostitution. It’s a platform to create work for young ones. It boosts confidence in them and creates opportunities. Before I won Miss Universe for Zambia, no one knew about me but now I am earning a leaving from this, I get paid as a model and pay all my bills. Now I am also creating more opportunities for others,” Musukwa said in the aftermath of the event that was graced by Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya.

“Modelling boosts the country’s tourism. The more we represent Zambia, the more people get to know about our country out there. Most people in the world don’t even know where Zambia is, it’s a small country. So it’s not only about walking in heels and wearing bikinis, this is a career choice that needs to be supported by a lot of people because we represent the country to the outside world,” she said.

“People consider modelling as high profile prostitution because of lack of exposure. They are trying to mix our tradition with this career choice. But it’s just like soccer, some people regard soccer as a career for uneducated youths but that is not true, you can be very educated but choose to play football, its just a career choice like any other. Most people in Zambia don’t regard it as a career, but they use models to expose their products and services. People pay to get this beauty advertise their products, so how can it not be a career?”

Musukwa expressed sadness that bikinis were perceived as immoral.

“Zambia always has a problem with bikinis. When you pose in bikinis then you have no morals. But it’s not always like that. Having a bikini on is about boosting your ego, loving yourself more and having the confidence to walk around people in an outfit that shows your beauty. If you love yourself so much and you have the confidence to walk around in a bikini, then nobody will bring you down,” she said.

Musukwa asked for more support from interested parties ahead of the actual contest next month.

“This year’s Miss Universe Zambia is under the theme “I’m me because of you”. Without Miss Universe Zambia I wouldn’t be where I am, we are who we are today because of the support from most Zambians,” said Musukwa.

“This was just the launch, but the competition is going to be on the 18th of August at the Mulungushi International Conference Center. And we are very excited that for the first time in history, a sitting Cabinet Minister has accepted to be a Patron for the competition. Madam Dora Siliya has boosted the morale of the girls and we are excited to get this help from her.”