PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu says he feels obliged to develop Luapula Province first because it is the most impoverished and it overwhelmingly voted for him.

Speaking when he addressed Kawambwa residents yesterday, President Lungu said he felt obliged to develop the province.

“What I am saying is that I have seen the human index report on Zambia and I have discovered that Luapula is the most impoverished province in Zambia. Luapula ranks number one in terms of poverty followed by Western Province and being the President the Republic of Zambia who was voted for overwhelmingly by you people, I feel obliged to come and bring development here first before taking it anywhere else,” the President said.

“The reason for wanting to bring prosperity to Luapula Province is because Luapula is impoverished, that’s a fact, number two, Luapula voted for me overwhelmingly that’s another fact, when you combine these two facts I’ve got no choice but to start working for Luapula first. Openly elsewhere I have said in our quest to develop Zambia, no one should be left behind,” said the President.

Earlier, the Head of State toured Kawambwa Tea Plantation where he advised workers not to be too dependent on foreign investors saying they only came into Zambia to make profit.

“They cheated us to say that privatisation is the way to go, but the truth is that investors are just here to make money and go away and then we remain in poverty,” the President said.

He urged the workers guard their infrastructure jealously and assured them of government’s support.

President Lungu, who is in Luapula Province for a three-day working visit, also toured the ZAFFICO pine plantation.