Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba says Zambia cannot escape the International Criminal Court.

In an interview, Kabimba said it was therefore a waste of money to spend K2 million on consultations on whether or not to remain members of the ICC.

He said only five members of the United Nations Security Council; the United States, Russia Federation, China, France,and the United Kingdom had the luxury of choosing whether or not to be members of the ICC.

“And therefore, to spend K2 million on consultation is purely a waste of money; it’s a waste of Zambian people’s financial resources. Because even if you are not a signatory to the Rome Treaty, if you have committed acts of genocide or crimes against humanity, you can still be indicted through a literal system of the UN Security Council! That is the law!” Kabimba exclaimed.

Kabimba said the matter could have been resolved in Parliament to cut cost.

“They should have just taken this issue to Parliament. Parliament being a representative of the people, referring the matter to Parliament is cheaper than spending all that money. We don’t have that money as a third world country; I don’t know why we act as if we are rich when we are a poor country.”