State House Press Aide Amos Chanda says the ICC debate is one of the most interesting democratic processes Zambia has ever seen.

Amos said government would soon issue a statement to restate its position on the need for consultation in democratic processes.

He said in a democratic process, those in power could state their positions but that it was important to allow for consultation.

“The ICC debate is one of the most interesting democratic processes this country has ever seen. All sides are on the same side! A government statement is due this week to restate its position. No process has been abandoned. In a democratic process those in power can state their position but still allow consultation or even Referendum as was case here, UK and elsewhere. In South Africa, government passed resolution in Parliament to pull out of ICC and proceeded to deposit instruments of cessation at the UN but the Constitutional Court ruled against that and SA has since withdrawn those instruments and remains a member of ICC! A democratic process in this case has been completed,” Chanda wrote in a statement shared on various social media platforms.

“A Democratic process is a sum total of various state and non state actors from an interplay of varied actions. Here we are dealing with a case of the main opposition party that has no idea how multilateralism works: the UN and the AU are multilateral institutions that now demand evidence of a people driven decision before a member state deposits its instruments! As I said, a Government statement will clarify this position in crystal clear terms.”