Kennedy Kamba says PF youths will leave the planned UPND rally in the hands of police.

And Kamba says he never instructed police to cancel the UPND rally but merely made an observation that allowing that party to incite citizens not to recognize President Edgar Lungu was tantamount to anarchy.

In an interview, PF youths were not law enforcers and as such, police would deal with the UPND who insist that their rally is still on this Sunday.

“The issue of the UPND vowing to go ahead with their planed rallies, we are going to leave it with the police; the police officers are going to deal with them. And the Zambian people are going to judge what kind of leadership this party can provide. If they can be behaving like this in the opposition, what kind of leadership are you going to get from William Banda? The Zambian people are going to judge them,” Kamba, who is PF Lusaka Province youth chairman, said.

“We are not the law enforcers and we are going to leave it with the police because what the UPND want is to go round the country and incite the Zambians that there is no government, there is no president, how do we allow that? The Zambian people are going to defend the President because they are the ones who elected him.”

And Kamba also denied having instructed the police to cancel the UPND rally.

“I never instructed the police to cancel their political rally, what I did as a citizen, I saw it not fit to give them a permit to go in the townships and start inciting people not to recognize the President, that is anarchy, that is what I said, and I don’t know if that is mouthing to directing the police,” Kamba said.

He also said it was up to the police to decide whether or not to charge him over the complaint filed against him.

“They have already reported me to police, and it doesn’t mean when you report someone at the police then that someone is guilty, the police will look at the complaint and see if it is fit for me to be charged,” said Kamba.