PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says civil society organisations are pushing President Edgar Lungu to turn into a dictator.

And Mwila says the ruling party does not have a position on whether or not Zambia should stay a member of the International Criminal Court because the nature of the issue requires a non-partisan approach.

In a statement, Mwila said dictators are made by the people, adding that some critics of the Head of State were pushing President Lungu to become a dictator.

“It is said that dictators are made by the people. Indeed we think that some civil society personalities and politicians are trying to turn President Lungu into a dictator,” Mwila said.

He said he was aware that people wanted to promote a one-party-state mentality.

“We know that some people in this country want to promote the one-party mentality where what the ruling party wants carries the day and people are excluded from vital decision making processes,” Mwila said.

“We shall never abuse the confidence Zambians have in us by disregarding their views on important national issues such as the current debate on whether to leave or remain part of ICC.”

Mwila added that the ICC debate needed a non-partisan approach.

“As the exercise of consulting Zambians on whether to leave or remain part of the International Criminal Court gathers momentum it has become necessary for us to address some issues that have come up. We have been telling our members that PF has not taken a position because the nature of the issue requires a non-partisan approach. As such, members are free, like any other citizen, to form an opinion on the matter and submit according to the dictates of their reasoning,” said Mwila.

“Some stakeholders including civil society and politicians have been calling for the halting of the consultations spearheaded by the Ministry of Justice on grounds that His Excellency President Edgar Chagwa Lungu has allegedly taken a position not to leave the ICC. On this issue we wish to assure Zambians that as democrat President Lungu will never impose his will nor indeed that of PF party on the people of our great country.”

Mwila also appointed PF Member of the Information and Publicity Committee, Sunday Chanda as Patriotic Front Media Director.