UPP leader Saviour Chishimba says more people and organisations have submitted more corruption evidence to him against the Zambia Revenue Authority and have shown interest to join the matter.

In a statement, Chishimba said the K100 billion lawsuit filed by the Revenue Authority was a hallucination.

“The K100 billion lawsuit is a hallucination and is not necessarily against me, but the United Progressive People (UPP). Let me seize this opportunity to thank the many Zambians and organisations that are pouring in messages asking to join the proceedings,” Chishimba stated.

“Many Zambians and organizations have come with their own evidence and serious issues on ZRA that will make the lawsuit a classic example of how to deal with reckless statutory bodies.”

Chishimba also said his party had already prepared the response, which would be submitted to court immediately the ZRA writ was served on him.

“As we wait for the writ, we have gone ahead to prepare the response, which will be filed into court immediately the writ is served. Therefore, rejoice and do not let your hearts be troubled. We know what we said and we have every piece of hard evidence to adduce before the courts of law. Enough is enough.” Chishimba added.

“Zambia is bleeding due to massive corruption in all levels of government, and with or without the ZRA lawsuit, the prosecution of each and every thief in government or public body is coming – take notice and be sternly warned.”

He further warned that he would apply for warrants of arrest and begin to arrest every corrupt government official as a way of bringing justice to the country.

“We shall apply for warrants of arrest and begin to arrest them so that they are brought to justice and demand #BringBackOurMoney! It will be tit for tart, inch for an inch, foot for foot, eye for an eye, iron for iron, and fire for fire,” Chishimba said.

“It would be foolishness and irresponsible to sit on the heap of evidence and not do anything about it.”

Chishimba also warned that he would later follow up his party’s demand for a tribunal to probe Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya so that she could explain her role and that of President Edgar Lungu in facilitating corrupt practices in the Zambia-Malawi K345 million maize exportation scandal.

“We are systematically monitoring the use of public resources in government and all the public bodies in Zambia. It is the people’s money and the people’s right to know,” said Chishimba.

“The corruption in the private sector is also worrisome and we are beginning to deal with specific cases that affect Zambian workers. We are starting with the massive evidence in our possession on Pick n Pay this weekend.”