Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo says no one was arrested in a Free-HH protest that was staged in Kanyama this morning because the protestors ran away before police got to the scene.

In a statement, Katongo appealed to anyone with information that could lead to their arrest to come forward.

“We received a report that a pocket of some suspected UPND cadres had staged a protest between Petroda Filling station and Engene filling station on Mumbwa road today around 0930 hours. The unruly cadres dashed to the road where they burnt some tyres and ran away. Police officers who rushed to the area did not find any of them. They cleared the road and the situation is normal,” Katongo stated.

“We call upon members of the public with information on the people involved in the mischievous act to confide in police officers so that perpetrators can be brought to book as soon as possible.”

She warned those planning to cause confusion in the country saying police would not hesitate to use minimum force to bring sanity.

“We are therefore warning that the police shall not tolerate anyone who would want to cause confusion in the country for whatever reason. Officers are on the ground ensuring that lives and property of innocent and law abiding citizens are preserved and protected. Police will not bear with anyone aimed at destabilizing the security of the nation,” stated Katongo.

“We are mandated by law to use minimum force in bringing about sanity in any hostile situation therefore, do not blame us if you are caught up in the web. We want to remind people that democracy does not support lawlessness but propagates for observance of the rule of law.”