Renowned musician Fumba Chama popularly known as Pilato says UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema’s arrest will only benefit President Edgar Lungu’s enemies.

Pilato, who defected to the PF from UPND in January, noted that great leaders were supposed to act out of love.

“A few months ago I apologized to the government of Zambia and the Republican president, a move that was widely and deeply misunderstood. I did it because I felt and still feel it was a great thing to do. I learnt from my childhood never to let those that praise me to dictate to me which route my life should take. It was an action that was received with mixed feelings, lost friends and gained friends but all in all, I still feel I did the right thing. There’s no democracy with morality, even if millions praise you for doing something wrong, it will never become right so for me, I did do what I felt was right for me and my purpose on this earth,” Chama said.

“I feel the Mongu incident was very unfortunate and should never be allowed to happen again. But because my commitment is to the Republican president and his government let me share my concerns; Arresting Mr. Hakainde will benefit more the enemies of His Excellency the Republican president Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu than anybody else. Here’s why, Great leaders have always been those that acted with love even in the deepest belly of hate. Humanity always remembers those leaders who acted with kindness and love towards those that provoked them to the core.”

Chama said he had chosen to speak out on the matter because he did not want President Lungu to be profiled as a dictator like other African leaders.

“The Mongu incident and the arrest of the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema is a direct attack on the presidency of Mr Lungu and silence would mean betrayal at its highest. My President whilst you can, please save your presidency. Let not your cheerleaders influence your judgment. Any action inspired by hate is evil in the eyes of God; do not fall into the trap that many African leaders fell into. We love you and we want you happy even after your time in state house. I don’t want my President to be remembered as a tyrant. I don’t want His Excellency Mr. Lungu to be profiled in the same space as the world’s known dictators,” said Pilato.