In this audio, National Restoration Party (NAREP) president Elias Chipimo says there is no serious leadership at the Ministry of Justice.

Commenting on the results of the ICC consultations which indicated that over 90 per cent of Zambians who made submissions were against leaving the court, Chipimo regretted that so much money had been wasted.

Chipimo blamed the wastage on lack of serious leadership at the Justice Ministry.

“This was the waste of time from the very beginning, we should never have been spending money, trying to ask Zambian people to decide whether or not to pull out of ICC. We never consulted the Zambian people from the beginning when we went into this ICC and we shouldn’t have been wasting precious money and diverting attention trying to consult them when we couldn’t even consult the whole nation,” Chipimo said.

“It was just a proportion of the population but the results are very clear and unfortunately, we don’t have serious leadership in the Ministry of Justice to have guided the nation and Cabinet on how we should have addressed this issue, it should never have gone to this level.”

He said the outcome of the consultations should be a lesson.

“But I think that the position of staying has been vindicated and hopefully we will learn from this, not to waste our precious resources on things that really, we shouldn’t have undertaken,” Chipimo said.

Meanwhile Chipimo also explained his vision for the youth, saying his recently launched Twenty Percent Generation Platfrom (TPG) would create prosperity for every Zambian.

Take a listen:

And in a detailed synopsis of TPG sent to News Diggers!, Chipimo explained that all public institutions would be required by law to set aside 20 per cent of procurement tenders for the youth and vulnerable women.

“Purchases of fuel and chemicals, agricultural commodities such as fruits vegetables, beans and mealie-meal, stationery supplies, uniforms or clothing, vehicles, use of official accommodation, cleaning services, car hire will be procured in Zambian by Zambians. This will be owned by Zambian and for Zambians, working together to develop our Country and focus on development initiatives for all. The platform will work with relevant NGOs and other stakeholders such as civil society organizations with regards to training,” explained Chipimo.

“Unlike other similar schemes, Twenty Percent Generation will essentially provide a guaranteed contract to supply all government and public institutions; it ensures training, support and oversight; provides consistent and timely payment with money pre-deposited in a specified bank paid directly to original suppliers once order processes are confirmed and then to the TPG supplier when goods or services are delivered. Money for such procurements will be pre-deposited at the beginning of the year in pre-qualified banks that will have to tender for the deposits and will also be required to adopt a similar policy of procuring 20 per cent of all their goods and services from TPG groups.”