Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) public relations manager Timothy Moono says the Commission has not been tasked by anyone to fix former Information and Broadcasting minister Chishimba Kambwili

Moono told News Digger! that ACC was purely interested in establishing how the former minister acquired his wealth and not to settle any political scores on anyone’s behalf.

“The ACC will investigate any allegations of corruption, so we do not target anybody. We’re not used by anyone. We investigate any case that comes to our attention and evaluate it on its own merit and that is the purpose of the investigation – to establish the truth. So the investigation will find out and we will interrogate that information that we have received and at the end of the day we will come to the conclusion, and then we move forward from that,” Moono said.

“Again we investigate cases as they come to the ACC, whether it is somebody in government, whether somebody has left government, we will investigate them – depending on when we have that information. We will not investigate people for the sake of investigating them just because they have left government, no. There are so many people that have left government, we don’t investigate them. We will investigate them if there is any allegation of corruption leveled against them.”

And Moono said it was too early to say how the investigations against Kambwili were going.

“The interview was only last Thursday, we give the investigators time to do their work and I think once they are done, we will have a position on the next step,” said Moono.