Hakainde Hichilema’s wife Mutinta broke down while speaking journalists at her house as she narrated how police moved the UPND president to Kabwe Maximum prison without informing her, family members or the lawyers.

She told reporters that she doesn’t know how she can visit her husband.

“I don’t even know how to start. I don’t even know where my husband is in the first place, I don’t know where he is, even now am shocked, I don’t know, am just hearing rumors that he has been taken here and there, I haven’t been informed. In the morning I took breakfast, we spoke, he never said anything, and the police officer who was attending to us never mentioned anything, we said bye to each other and I came back home. I just received phone calls saying ‘have you heard?’ I said ‘what?’ ‘that your husband has been taken!’ I said ‘where? They are saying in Kafue, there is a house in Kafue, some are saying in Kabwe. So am confused, I don’t know. Because these people I don’t know, they have taken my husband to Mukobeko, that’s what I hear,” Mutinta said.

“I don’t know how safe he is, maybe they have taken him to finish him off there now because you remember when they came to ambush us that night! They came to kill that night. Am sure you are aware that even homicide people where here that night. So even that nigh! They wanted to eliminate the whole family, they wanted to kill everybody and now the matter has been taken to court.”

Mutinta charged that the state was still not satisfied with how it had humiliated her husband.

“Even at the court there they are dillydallying, pushing days forward just to keep him there in the cells, to humiliate him, to torture him. I think they have tortured him enough. You can even see those witnesses at the court, how uncoordinated their statements were, which shows that they never thought that this issue would end up in court, they thought that, that night they were going to kill him. Now they are not satisfied, they are so determined, they want to kill my husband,” she said.

Mutinta thanked Zambians for praying for her and her husband.

“I am appealing to all the people of Zambia, I know you are praying, the people of Zambia are praying, we have no weapons. UPND people have got no weapons, they have got no police to run to, they have got no guns, our guns are our prayers. The people of Zambia are crying, but the tears will not just go in vain, one day! My husband will walk to freedom and justice shall prevail,” said Mutinta.

“They are saying that Zambia is not a dictator, this is a dictator. This is a full blown dictator. If as a wife am not told where my husband has been taken to, am the next of keen, his family members are not told and you say this is a democracy? I don’t know where this country is going. Am afraid, if people can just move into somebody’s house without any permit, without any warrant, they come and break the house and the whole nation is watching. They come to the house to come and kill and the whole nation is watching, this is what has happened to Hakainde. They never came to arrest Hakainde here, they came to kill and they are still determined to kill my husband. Anyway my God is watching. The same God that saved my husband that night is the same God who is going to save him even now.”