Lungu asks chiefs to unite Zambia

President Edgar Lungu says traditional leaders must do more to unite the country.

The Head of State held a dinner meeting with 11 Lamba chiefs at Bank of Zambia guesthouse in Ndola yesterday on the sidelines of the 2017 Trade Fair,

He said traditional rulers were a vital part of the conscious of the Nation.

“Let me remind you that as traditional rulers, you have a vital part of the conscious in the Nation and therefore you must do more to unite this country,” President Lungu urged.

President Lungu arrived in Ndola a day ahead of the official opening of the Zambia International Trade Fair.

And the chiefs thanked the President for what they described as his open door policy on national issues.

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Buck Teeth Lungu
Buck Teeth Lungu

Why should chiefs unite Zambians when the President is at the centre of tribalism? Lungu was the first in 2015 to say that bakachema can never hold the Presidency. Lungu has fired 58 young people from State House because they are Tongas, Lozis and NWPers. Let Lungu harvest the storm he started. He should not dump this problem on chiefs who are not paid to perform national duties.


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