All People’s Congress Party President Nason Msoni says given Zambia’s rapidly changing political dynamics, it is highly unlikely that President Edgar Lungu will be a factor to worry with by 2021.

And Msoni says it is illogical for President Lungu to demand another term of office now before he finishes chewing what is already on his plate.

In a statement yesterday, Msoni wondered why the PF central Committee was excited to endorse President Lungu as candidate when he struggled to win the 2016 general election.

“It is highly unlikely that President Lungu is going to be a factor to worry about beyond his current term of office or beyond in 2021. The make a wish endorsement of President Edgar Lungu by the PF central committee is a premature move and is of no political significance as it is just a PF thing,” Mumba said.

“Worse still it is an unnecessary distraction to running government business. In the end it might well turn out to be a bridge-too-far going by the rapidly changing and developing political landscape and the anticipated twist and turn of events playing out in the country.”

He recalled that it was not easy for President Lungu to win the last election.

“He struggled in the 2016 general election to snatch a win from the jaws of defeat, whose results have since been disputed. We think it is even prejudice to make such premature endorsement knowing too well that the matter is still subject to adjudication by courts. This decision raises more questions than answers unless there is something that the PF is not openly declaring. Insofar as matters stand President Lungu remains constitutionally barred as a candidate to any future election,” Msoni said.

And Msoni said President Lungu was looking for more food when his plate was still full.

“In all fairness the normal way of eating is that you need to first finish eating what has been offered on the plate before reaching out for another full plate whilst chewing,” said Msoni.

“Our counsel to the head of state is that he should recognise that it’s the highest privilege and honour for citizens of the country to give him the opportunity to be president and oversee their national affairs and its not a right neither is it a weakness. The opportunity he has does not entail that there are no other capable citizens who can effectively run the state.”