Renowned PF cadre Maxwell Chongu says if unity is not restored in the ruling party, it will be impossible to cross over 2021.

Chongu was reacting to several praise songs which some ‘PF women’ have composed, praising the Roan PF member of parliament and encouraging him to contest the presidency.

In one of the songs, the women are saying President Edgar Lungu has failed the challenge that Michael Sata left him, of managing the country.

Take a listen:

“This is what I was talking about, if not well handled it will split the party massively and come 2021 we might not make it to cross over,” said Chongu reacting to the song.

“I can foresee a political strategy that is aimed at inciting the Bemba land to raise against the leadership of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Let us find ways of harmonizing the situation, bury our differences and move together as one, I strongly feel their is enough time to do such. Unity is needed in the party.”

In another song, the women are complaining that President Lungu has neglected Sata’s wife Dr Christine Kaseba, chased away Guy Scott and Kambwili among others.

Take a listen:

Kambwili was recently expelled from the ruling party on grounds that he was campaigning for the presidency