North Western Province police commissioner Auxencio Daka says there is a disaster at Kifibwa bridge in Solwezi where a tanker carrying sulfuric acid has overturned and spilled into the river.

In a statement today, Daka said it was unfortunate that some residents were picking up the dead fish.

“Fish is dying in thousands. Unfortunately people are collecting the fish down stream. Those from radio please make announcements for people not to consume that fish otherwise the effects are extremely bad,” Daka said

He said various teams from police and ZANIS were going round to stop people from picking the fish.

“The spilled acid has killed thousands of fish in the river, unfortunately pipo are picking the fish for consumption or sale. Police has deployed officers to stop pipo from collecting fish, while ZANIS is going round announcing to pipo not to consume the fish. Kansanshi Mine has sent pipo from their safety unit to clean up the acid,” Daka stated.

He said the accident was due to excessive speed and the driver, who was admitted in hospital, would be charged with dangerous driving.

“Serious RTA in Solwezi, & Occurred on 27/08/17 around 0720hrs along Solwezi – Chingola road, Kifubwa bridge near Floriana lodge…involved was Adrias Banda aged 37 of Chifubu Ndola who whilst driving a motor vehicle volvo tanker reg # ACZ 8934 horse..ACM 5893T frm east(chingola) to west(solwezj),transporting sulphuric acid to Kansanshi mines,lost control towards Kifubwa bridge,hit the bridge barigade and fell on the driver’s side..the impact made damage to the tanker, causing spillage of sulphuric acid on the road and into Kifubwa river,” stated Daka.

“Thé driver,m/Banda Adrias, sustained backache,bruised hands and general body pains .He is admitted to Solwezi General Hospital. The m//v had the following damages…broken grill,deformed top part of cabin,dented driver’s door and broken right head lamp..The accident happened due to excessive speed and the driver is to be charged for dangerous driving c/ s 155 of the road traffic act.”