Police in Solwezi have opened a docket for a case in which four men allegedly took turns defiling a 15-year-old girl of Mangrade area.

North Western Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka disclosed in a statement yesterday that that the incident happened on Tuesday between 16:00 and 18:00 hours near Solwezi Trades School when the victim used a short cut on her way home.

Daka said the girl’s mother reported the matter to police after she complained of general body and vaginal pains.

“The victim was complaining of general body pains and pains also on her genitals and birth canal. When the incident happened, the victim with several other children were following a Mascurate (Likishi) and as she was returning home, she decided to take a short cut alone and that’s how she met her fate. The victim is able to identify the suspects as the incident happened during broad day light. She was issued with a medical report form to enable her access examination and treatment,” Daka stated.

Daka said the police had opened a docket into the matter despite no arrest had been made so far.

Meanwhile Daka said a 22-year-old man of Rentals Compound in Kabompo district has been arrested for unlawfully wearing an official police uniform.

“The incident happened after the suspects’ friend who is a tailor left him in the shop as he went out to buy cotton and whilst gone, the suspect picked a police uniform which had been brought for adjustment and started taking photos in it which he later posted on social media platforms,” he stated.

He identified the suspect as Muhanga Leyani.

“Kabompo police last night picked M/ Muhanga Leyani aged 22 years of Rentals Compound in Kabompo Village Sahono in Chief Sikufele, in Kabompo district for the offense of unauthorized wearing of official uniform Contrary to Section 183 (3) Cap 87 of the laws of Zambia. The incident occurred on Tuesday at around 18:00hrs at Kabompo market, after his friend who is a tailor left him in the shop as he went out to buy cotton and in the process the suspect accessed and put on the Police uniform combat shirt which was left with him for adjustment and had photos which he then posted on Facebook and are now in circulation. Upon interview he admitted having worn the uniform as police is his dream career,” said Daka.