Southern Province Police Commissioner Bonny Kapeso has dispelled media reports that a named opposition political party in Kalomo has been intimidating Patriotic Front members.

In a statement today, Kapeso said after carrying out one-week investigations on the matter, it had been proved that no such report had been made to the police throughout the province.

He appealed to those who had allegedly been intimidated to lodge a complaint to any nearest police station.

“It is surprising to hear that outsiders from the province now seem to know better than officers who are on the ground monitoring security situations under very difficult circumstances. My office is open to dialogue to both the ruling and opposition political parties in our quest to consolidate the peace currently prevailing in southern province. Let security matters be professionally dealt with by professional authorities in order to avoid igniting unnecessary political tension where it doesn’t even exist,” Kapeso said.

He said there had been peace in Southern Province the last six months.

“We have carried investigations regarding the same for the past one week since the allegation was made but up to now, there’s no where such a report has been made to the police throughout the province. since people are urging us to take the unconfirmed reports seriously, we also appeal to people that have been intimidated to come out clean and lodge the complaints to any nearest police station. We have enjoyed unimaginable levels of abundant peace in the province without registering any form of political violence for more than six months now,” said Kapeso.