Sunday Chanda says it is petty politics for Chishimba Kambwili to expect a President of a country to be walking around with dirty clothes and bad smelling shoes.

In a statement yesterday, the PF media director branded Kambwili a hypocrite.

“Chishimba Kambwili is one of the worst hypocrites and liar in today’s political space. His bitterness makes him the type of politician Zambians should distance themselves from.
Kambwili is wounded following the expulsion from the Patriotic Front which was preceded by his firing as Minister of Information and Broadcasting. Kambwili brings nothing new to Zambia’s political space but sour grapes. His hatred for President Edgar Lungu will soon land him in very deep waters.
Before Kambwili can point fingers at others, let him do his self-introspection. Can Kambwili come out clean on the Luanshya Golf Course where he built villas?…Can Kambwili tell Zambians how he managed his business as a scrap metal dealer under such “difficult” circumstances?” chanda asked.

“Kambwili seeks to build a political base on falsehoods and character assassination. His exaggerated sense of self-worth and politics of braggadccio is not what Zambians are looking for. Kambwili should instead present evidence to back his allegations or he must keep quiet. Kambwili, as leader of the premature NDC should instead provide alternative economic policies. We have no time for baseless accusations without evidence being availed to the public. It is petty politics informed by sour grapes for Kambwili to expect a President of a country to be walking around with dirty clothes and bad smelling shoes. He is jealousy of President Lungu’s ascendancy to power and it is by God’s providence that the PF General Conference never settled for him as late President Michael Sata’s successor.”

Chanda advised Kambwili not to wash his dirty linen in public.

“It is very interesting to note that Chishimba was one of the most shuffled around minister even in the first term of the Patriotic Front in Zambia. As the adage holds, ‘he that lives in a glass house must never throw stones’, we encourage the disgraced honorable Member of Parliament to seriously examine his conscience before attempting to wash his own dirty linen in public. We are calling on Kambwili to remember that every time a peacock flaunts its beautifully colored feathers from the front, it simultaneously exposes arguably the ugliest part of it body from behind. If Kambwili is not interested in mature, issue-based politics let him find other things to do,” stated Chanda.