There was drama in Parliament today when Raon PF member of Parliament reported to Speaker of the National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini that Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo slapped him outside the House.

Shortly after Kambwili rose on a point of order, Lands Minister Jean Kapata stood on a counter point of order against the former chief government spokesperson, prompting the UPND to jump to the occasion and challenge th Speaker if he was in order to allow counter points of order.

In his point of order, Kambwili said Lusambo slapped him unprovoked.

Below was the sequence of events in the House this afternoon.

Kambwili: I stand on a very serious point of order, Mr Speaker when I walked out, I went and stood with honorable Kalaba and honorable Imakando. As we were talking, I was approached by honorable Lusambo who came and told me ‘we are going to deal with you for your accusation against government’. I did not not answer him and he slapped me, two slaps. Two slaps in the presence of honorable Kalaba and the General secretary for the MMD Mr Nakachinda. While I was retreating, Jean Kapata came with a bottle of water…

Speaker Matibini interrupts: First of all Honorable member of parliament for Roan, just hold on, honorable member of parliament for Roan, you do not refer to the honorable member for Mandevu as Jean Kapata. That is inappropriate, she is honorable member for Mandevu or honorable Kapata. Thats the starting point. Honorable member for…or Minister of Lands and natural resources, let the honorable member for Roan complete his point of order, let the honorable member complete the point of order without interference. At the rate we are going, there is a risk that we could turn this place into a platform for fist of fury. It has been done elsewhere and not very far from here even in parliaments where we least expect it, that kind of conduct it has happened. And I will not allow this kind of conduct to generate to those levels. Am very alive about the political challenges that are going on, I know them, they are very familier challenges. But thats not a reason for this house to degenerate because of those peculiar, limited challenges. Its a pity that they are not being resolved elsewhere, so they are manifesting themselves here. But I will not allow this to degenerate. Continue with your point of order honorable member.

Kambwili: I apologize for referring to her as Jean and let me say honorable Jean Kapata, she came where I was, she sprinkled a full bottle of water on me and started insulting me, some of the insults that I cannot mention on the radio. And the only thing I told her ‘if you are a thief, what am saying affects you but if you are not a thief why attack me?’ and I came back to the chamber. Are these two honorable members of parliament in order to start behaving like thugs at the National Assembly premises without taking due regard of their responsibilities that the people of Zambia have sent them to this house? Are they in order to attack me at the presence of parliament? I need your serious ruling. Thank you Mr Speaker.

Speaker: Order, order, order, obviously these incidents allegedly happened outside the floor of the house and therefore they need to be investigated. Once they are investigated, of course the house will be appraised of the next pots of action, that is my ruling. Honorable member for Bweengwa was on the floor.

(Just as the Bweengwa MP was trying to make his point, Jean Kapata rose)

Jean Kapata: Mr Speaker, I rose earlier on a point of order and thats the point of order which I wanted to raise. Is the honorable member of parliament for Roan, Mr Speaker in order to go round every radio station, whatever the point of order he has raised has where its coming from, going on all the radio stations and calling me Jean Kapata that am a thief, I have stolen through Mukula? I have been a member of parliament for this house for 15 years to build one house, ‘you are a thief’ honorable Kambwili, I don’t have time to be going to court to waste time, this is why Mr Speaker when he walk out of the house after honorable Chitotela’s answers, he started insulting us and calling us names outside and you wanted us to keep quiet and watch him? Mr Speaker, I need your serious ruling, Mr Kambwili must be termed as member of parliament, he must behave like a honorable member of parliament. But if he wants to…Mr Speaker, he wants…

Speaker interrupts: Again honorable Minister just raise a point of order, don’t submit, am waiting for you to complete your point of order].

Kapata continues: Mr Speaker I was saying that when you live in a glass house, don’t throw stones, don’t just throw stones. Mr speaker we are aware that the same Kambwili keeps:

Speaker interrupts: Honorable Minister, you know this is the point I was making a couple of days ago, you know just a few individuals can demean this house. Just few, just a handful. Honorable minister I still want to give you an opportunity to raise your point of order, a point of order.

Kapata continues: Is the honorable member for Roan in order Mr Speaker to be calling most of us seated in this house as thieves without bringing evidence? And for me I have evidence I will take it to anti corruption. I need your serious ruling Mr Speaker.

Speaker: I will reserve my ruling.

Jack Mwiimbu: Mr Speaker, I just want a clarification and a clear guidance pertaining to issues on raising points of order. I do recall that honorable Kambwili raised a point of order on honorable Kapata and honorable Lusambo. Immediately thereafter, honorable Jean Kapata rose and raised a point of order on the same facts on honorable Kambwili and I know that you have been guiding us on raising points of order on points of order. Is it procedural now Mr Speaker for her to raise a point of order on a point of order? So that there is a clear guidance and my colleagues are guided that in future, they should desist or they can raise a point of order on a point of order.

Speaker: The position is simple and clear, you cannot raise a point of order on a point of order. And my understanding of the two points of order, I don’t know what your understanding is but my understanding is that they are distinct. The point of order raised by the honorable member for Roan was about the alleged fracas that took place outside. The point of order by honorable member for Mandevu and Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, is about the debates or broadcasts that are taking place outside Parliament. At radio stations where allegations are being made. These are two distinct factual matrix and I will treat them as such. For the sake of order and progress, no more points of order for today. Any disorder I will take charge.

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